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If what you put on your body is as important to you as what you put in your body, then Sweet On You™ is exactly what you’re looking for. What started as a gift for co-workers for a job well done, has blossomed into a skincare line for people who want to preserve the environment but still have a luxury self-care experience. We carefully source from organic and vegan suppliers from all over the world to provide you with a superior product that has a superior feel. No matter your lifestyle, Sweet On You™ will compliment your skincare routine. We’re here to help you keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing.
What sets us apart? Most importantly, our products are preserved with a non-hormone disrupting preservative. Your health and our environment are extremely important to us. You won’t find parabens or other estrogen-mimicking preservatives in our formulations. Our scrubs are emulsified; this gives them a lotion-like feel, hydrates your skin far better and keeps your shower floor safe. And everything we make is organic & vegan.
Organic Lip Scrub at Sweet On You

Why 100% Vegan & Organic Products Matter to Us

Organic Sugar Body Scrub for Skincare 5 ounce

The choices in skincare are almost never-ending and in that sea of choice, finding what’s right for you can be challenging. Our food and healthcare products today are swimming in chemicals that range from ‘not the best’ to just downright bad for us. There are a lot of “natural” products in the market, but finding a true organic and vegan product was almost impossible.  So we formulated products we wanted to buy ourselves.

Sweet On You™ works hard to avoid questionable, controversial ingredients and strives to be a Gold Standard in skincare providing a healthy, luxurious experience.

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