“Sweet & Sassy” Hair and Scalp Treatment Pack

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Hair and Scalp Treatment Pack

Is your hair flat or limp?

Do you have dry, dull or frizzy hair?

Is your scalp dry or flaky?

Do you use a lot of products in your hair?

Is it hard to brush your hair because of knots and tangles?

Do you experience breakage or lose a lot of hair in the shower?


If you suffer from any of those conditions above, you’ll want to try our Herbal Bliss Hair Treatment!  This two-step solution brings back, life, lift and shine to your hair while nourishing and exfoliating your scalp!

The carefully selected oils and butters in our Scalp Scrub deeply nourish the scalp while exfoliating, penetrating the hair shaft to seal the cuticle and strengthen. While our Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse is formulated to remove product build-up and restore your hair’s pH balance producing a shiny, tangle-free, beautiful head of hair!

To order items individually, click here for scalp scrub and here for ACV rinse.

*Hair care kit contains one 5oz scrub and one 9oz ACV rinse

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