Sweet On You on the ‘UnLeash Your Fire’ Podcast

Sweet On You on the ‘UnLeash Your Fire’ Podcast

Tara, from Sweet On You, was featured on the podcast: UnLeash Your Fire. She was featured as an eco-entrepreneur and covers some things she wish she knew when she started out!

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“For me, one thing I wish I knew is that I needed to educate my consumers better.

I had been increasing my own level of education on toxins in our bath and beauty products for the last twenty-some years, but that was because it was personal to me and the health issues I deal with.

It started out with a tiny little blurb about the effect of parabens in a men’s fitness magazine and those couple of sentences ended up opening my eyes to a whole world of information.

So, when I started my company, I just kind of assumed that most people were already aware of the dangers of toxins and the importance of clean,
natural products in our self-care routine. But the very first Vendor Show I was in showed me most people had no idea what I was even talking about. And I had to educate them first, so they saw the greater value of what I had to offer. That taught me my marketing had to take into account education.

So, a lot of my posts on social media are about ingredients, I show people how to read labels, and decipher what they’re looking at. Even the fact that people a lot of times think toxins are just a women’s issue, but men’s self-care products, I think, are even worse offenders than products targeted at women.
It is about educating men, too.

If I would have known all of that, I would have found my niche and market much sooner.”





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